The book of Mormon: Laugh until you cry

The book of Mormon, 05.06. 2017

Prince of Wales Theatre, London

Price: 64,00 pounds

Transport: Lufthansa

Hotel: Park Plaza London Riverbank

Favourite song of the show: Hasa diga eebowai  

Favourite lyrics: No, because then you’re just keeping it down like a dimmer switch on low, on low. Thinking nobody needs to know!”

Favourite quote of the night: “But mostly meeee”

Why this show?

I heard a lot of good about it, even though I never really found out what it was about exactly. I knew it was funny and so we decided to go and see it while in London.


Smack down in the West End, right across from China town at the Prince of Wales theatre.


I literally started laughing during the opening number and didn’t stop until the final curtain. At times I gasped, because it was just so wrong. Other times it was in utter disbelieve, that they had just said or done that, or because I couldn’t believe that things are actually like this.

But back to the start, the story: The musical is about two young men, who are Mormon elders and are sent to Uganda to do missionary work there. One, is the poster boy for mormons, while the other has a problem with lying all the time. Upon arriving in Uganda they learn that the attempts to  proselytise there haven’t been successful so far, because the people have lost hope with one mission coming in after the other. Life doesn’t get better for them though and war, poverty, Aids and rape are ubiquitous. Sprinkled all over the show are flashbacks back to the founding of the Mormon religion. I nearly peed my pants whenever Moroni showed up and the bit about the golden plates, that nobody is allowed to see had me laugh so hard I nearly suffocated.

The same went for the whole “Turn it off” number and the part in “I believe” when god changed his mind about black people. 

I guess Mormons or really faithful people don’t watch this musical because it points out clearly how weird the stuff is we sometimes believe in and call it religion. And also what sins are committed in the name of one god, while denouncing another. My grandma always said:”I haven’t met him yet, so I don’t know who is right” and I’ll go with that here.

My favourite number musically was “Hasa diga eebowai” and it reminded me a lot of the music in “The lion king”.

During the ‘play’ they then do for the honoured guest from the US I once again laughed so hard my stomach hurt. So, if you want to laugh until you cry, go and see The book of Mormon. Just, don’t do it of you’re particularly religious.

Fun facts

I actually went back to the hotel that night and looked up all the stuff that I found so incredibly ridiculous, only to find out that it wasn’t an exaggeration but merely the truth of what Mormons believe. Jesus in the US, settlers coming from the Middle East on boats, golden plates that are buried, the change of mind on blacks… only the polygamy was left out.

Random thoughts

I am not sure if The Later day Saints are considered a religion or a sect here in Germany, but I always kind of thought of them of the later, especially after the huge Polygamy and pedophile scandal with Warren Jeffs. It is however one of the fastest growing religions, so they must be doing something right. To each his own, I guess. My problem now is however that I start giggling when I see the Elders out in the city and “Hello” starts playing in my head.

Do it again?

Yes, I think so. Probably not anytime soon, but sometime in the future it would be fun to see it again.


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