JessieJ at the Royal Albert Hall: “Let’s make ‘Aaaaah’ go viral!”

Jessie J, 13th November 2018

Location: Royal Albert Hall

price: 60 pounds

Transport: Lufthansa

Favourite song: still Personal

Favourite lyrics: “London clouds are crying but I’m dancing in the pouring rain. Grown up life is to learn not to fall apart” (I believe in love)

Favourite song live: nobody’s perfect/ Domino

Favourite quote of the night: “Aaaaaaah”

Why this artist?

This once I have to admit that this concert was less about the artist and more about the location. However, I think my previous and future posts will prove, that I am a massive fan of Jessie J live concerts, so I think I can get away with it.

Location: The Royal Albert Hall. What a dream of a location! It’s located in the same area as the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural history Museum. The area all the buildings are in was bought by prince Albert with the money he made with the world exhibition a couple of years earlier. He dreamed of having culture and science come together, but sadly died before he could see his dream come true. The guide at the RAH told us that originally the RAH was supposed to have another name, something like “Centre of culture, arts and…” (I am sorry I can’t remember the whole thing). On the day of the opening though, Queen Victoria wanted her late husband to be remembered and so without any forewarning she declared that the “Royal Albert Hall” was now open. What an epic love story wrapped up in a building.

There aren’t only concerts in the Royal Albert Hall but also sports tournaments, award shows, Cirque de Soleil… you name it.  They hold up to 600 events at the RAH each year and can set up dining tables for up to 1000 people and cook for them on the remises, making it the biggest dining room in the world.

To say for the construction of the building the boxes were sold for 1000 pounds back in the day for 999 years and if you want to buy one today and are lucky enough to find one for sale it will cost you about 4 million pounds. For about 80% of the shows tickets are send out to the owners and of course the Royal Family is one of them. They even have their separate entrance and sitting room. There are 8 different locations in the building where you can hold a concert, from smaller cafes to the large auditorium.

I don’t think there is any mega star left who hasn’t played at the Royal Albert Hall. Recently very famous became the live recording of Adele’s concert there, that went to number one of the DVD charts in the US.

The BBC uses the building for a lot of their concerts and award shows and they were also the ones who saw the need to improve the acoustics back in the 80s, when it became apparent that the sound needed a lot of improvements for the live broadcasts they had in mind. So they installed these plastic ‘mushrooms’ that hang down from the dome.

When I was still at school (long time ago) we had a teacher who was obsessed with the last night of the proms and he would show us that same old video (I think it was the show of 1988 or something) at least once a year. While I didn’t get what all these crazy people in their costumes were doing going crazy to ‘Rule Britannia’, I was impressed by the location and decided back then, 14 years old, that one day I would see a concert at the Royal Albert Hall. 2018 that dream came true.

Concert: It was the first time I saw the R.O.S.E tour as the rose tour. I had seen snippets of the album during the other shows, but this was the first time it was actually declared as such. 

It was also the first time I saw Jessie J doing a real “show” and not only a simple concert. It wasn’t as over the top as Bruno Mars or Justin Timberlake, but there were several costume changes and videos.

I can’t say I was a fan of the later. There were two types if videos: the ones that were playing in the background while she was performing. These were usually the music videos released for the matching song. That’s where it got confusing however, because in most of her music videos JessieJ is miming to the song. The videos couldn’t be timed in a way that the miming on screen matched the lyrics she was actually singing live and that confused me a bit.

The second video category were those shown in the intervals she used to change her outfits. These videos were very expressive as were the voice overs in them, where she talked about the meaning of the four separate parts of the album and about her journey as a singer. These videos walked the line with being a bit ‘too much’ at times and sometimes tipped their toes over said line.

While there were videos, confetti later in the show and a large band on stage there was one crucial element missing: the amazing backing vocalists she had with her on stage before. What happened to them? Why were they cut from the show? Sure, they sampled their parts in, but it is not the same. Personally I would have preferred less costume changes and videos and have these two amazing ladies on stage! You were missed!

Mood wise it was the happiest I have ever seen JessieJ on stage. It looked like at times she wanted to pinch herself that she was home and playing the sold out Royal Albert Hall in front of family and a lot of friends.

Several times during the concert she spotted someone in the audience and finally for the last song ‘Domino’ she called them all on stage with her, where they then had a large party. Great finale for the show!

Random thoughts/ Funny moments: As usual during her concerts she managed to stick her foot in her mouth a couple of times and blurted out infos about her love life that made me feel a bit embarrassed for her mother, who was there that night. I don’t know what kind of relationship they have, but let’s just say that there are details that I wouldn’t want to know about my mother’s love life I wouldn’t want to know and neither should she know them about mine.

The moment that was talked in depth in the press later on was when Jessie J confessed that she was told years ago that she wouldn’t be able to have kids.I didn’t quite understand why it caused that much of a wave, because she had said that before and had even gone in detail about the reasons why. Guess the press hadn’t done their research job quite right and it was news to them.

Funniest moment was when a guy kept yelling something through the whole auditorium and was so loud that JessieJ heard him on stage. Of course, she called him out for it, even though no one could understand what he was saying, because it all just sounded like “Aaaah”. She tried to have a conversation with him, but it was in vain. In the end she  told the audience that if anyone saw the guy on the streets the next couple of weeks, we should walk up to him and go ‘Aaaah’ and the post it online so it could go viral. 

Do it again: Yes! The Royal Albert Hall is beautiful and such an amazing concert location. The only thing I would change here is to get tickets somewhere in the seating areas. Now that I know where to sit I’d prefer it here, so I could see more of the surroundings and not only the stage.



For the last ten years I have regularly been to concerts at least two or three times a year. At the end of 2016 I decided that 2017 would be my concert year. The experience of witnessing so many great concerts in one year inspired me to start this blog. It also serves as I diary for myself to help and remember the small things that happened during the shows, on and off stage. Please keep in mind that I am not a critic nor do I know a lot about music. This is just my opinion, nothing more and nothing less.